Rumours-4Listening to Rumors by Fleetwood Mac today got me to thinking. (I know, it’s usually dangerous when I think but this time I may have gotten away with it.) Whatever happened to the importance of the full album? I’m sure some still consider it, but it still feels like nobody cares.

What an incredible piece of work Rumors is. Every song on that album is just an undeniable masterpiece. If Fleetwood Mac wanted to release a “Best Of” album, they could almost just re-release Rumors as is. Track listing:

  1. Hit
  2. Hit
  3. Hit
  4. MASSIVE hit

You get the idea. What an incredible and divinely directed group of musicians. Whenever I worry myself with the concept of there being no spiritual hand guiding the universe I remind myself of ensembles like Fleetwood. The Beatles. I have to believe that there is an energy at work.

Getting back into my love of vinyl I realized why complete vinyl albums were so important and maybe why there aren’t as important today. Skipping. You can’t skip. I mean, you can pick up the needle I guess, but for the most part, you pretty much just listen to the full side of the disc. In doing so, we become familiar with every song on the record, even the ones we might not be so crazy about. (for me that would be Songbird)

Switching gears, it has been a super dark time in music over the past several months. We have lost some amazing souls. Friends. These were vessels of light that brought so much joy and touched so many, clearly here for a purpose. I would even say divinely placed upon this earth. One of the many sadnesses that I have come to accept is the fact that sometimes the very people who are here to share the light, aren’t aware that they are exactly that. In other words, they never realized that they were chosen to be tools of healing.